The Year of 1915

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January 1 – March 30

Allied offensive in Artois and Champagne

January 15

Japan’s 21 demands on China

January 19-20

First German zeppelin attack on England

February 4

German U-boat attacks on Allied and neutral shipping; declares a blockade of Britain

February 7-21

Russians suffer heavy losses at Second Battle of Masurian Lakes (also known as the Winter Battle)

February – April

Austro-Hungarian attack on Russian Poland (Galicia) collapses, with the Russians counterattacking

February 19-August

Allied amphibious attack on the Dardanelles and Gallipoli (initiated by Winston Churchill, who resigns as a consequence) ends with the Turkish siege of the Allied forces

March 1

First passenger ship sinks, the British liner Falaba

March 11

Britain announces blockade of German ports


Germans focus on Eastern Front, breaking through Gorlice-Tarnow and forcing Russia out of much of Poland

April 22 – May 25

First use of poison gas by Germany starts Second Battle of Ypres

April 25

Allied landing at Gallipoli

April 26

France, Russia, Italy and Britain conclude secret Treaty of London

May 2

Austro-German offensive on Galicia begins

May 7

U-boat sinks British liner Lusitania with the loss of American lives, creating a US-German diplomatic crisis

May 9

Second Battle of Artois begins

May 23

Ignoring treaty agreements with the Central Powers, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary

May 25

British Prime Minister Asquith reorganises his Liberal government as a coalition of the parties

June 29 – December 2

Italians launch an unsuccessful attack on Hungarians at 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Battles of Isonzo; there are to be 12 in total

September 5

Tsar Nicholas takes command of Russian armies

September 22

Second Battle of Champagne begins

October 3

Anglo-French force lands at Salonika in Greece

October – November

Austro-German-Bulgarian forces invade Serbia, expelling Serbian army from the country

December 19

Sir Douglas Haig replaces Sir John French as commander of British Expeditionary Force

December 28

Allies begin withdrawal of troops from Gallipoli