The Year of 1914

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June 28

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in Sarajevo, Bosnia

July 28

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

July 29 – December 9

Austria-Hungary repeatedly invades Serbia but is repeatedly repulsed

August 1

Outbreak of war. Germany declares war on Russia

August 3

Germany declares war on France

August 4

Germany invades neutral Belgium

August 4

Britain declares war on Germany

August 4

US President Woodrow Wilson declares policy of US neutrality

August 14

Battle of the Frontiers begins

August 17-19

Russia invades East Prussia

August 23

Japan declares war on Germany

August 23 – September 2

Austria-Hungary invades Russian Poland (Galicia)

August 26-30

Battle of Tannenberg, which Russia loses; Germany’s greatest success of the war on Eastern Front

September 5-10

First Battle of Marne, halts German advance, resulting in stalemate and trench warfare

September 9-14

First Battle of Masurian Lakes, which Russia again loses

September 14

First Battle of Aisne begins

September 15 – November 24

The “race to the sea”, trenches appear on September 15

September 17-28

Austro-German attack western Poland

October 14 – November 22

First Battle of Ypres

October 29

Turkey enters the war on the side of the Central Powers

December 8

Battle of the Falkland Islands

December 21

First German air raid on Britain

December 25

An unofficial Christmas truce was declared by soldiers along the Western Front