Nikolai Yudenich

Nikolai Yudenich was born in 1862. He joined the Russian Army and became deputy Chief of Staff under General Mishlaevski in 1907.

During the First World War he served on the Caucasian Front and had considerable success with victories at Sarikamish (December, 1914), Malazgirt (August, 1915), Erzurum (February, 1916), Trabzon (April, 1916) and Erzincan (Jult, 1916).

Yudenich resigned from office after the Provisional Government came to power in March, 1917. He returned to Petrograd but fled to Finland when the Bolsheviks gained power after the November Revolution.

In October, 1918, Yudenich captured Gatchina, only 50 kilometres from Petrograd. Leon Trotsky arrived to direct the defence of the capital. Red Guard units were established amongst industrial workers and the rail network was used to bring troops from Moscow. Outnumbered, Yudenich ordered his men to retreat and headed for Estonia.

Yudenich was arrested in Estonia but was allowed to emigrate to France. Nikolai Yudenich died in 1933.

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