Lavr Georgevich Kornilov

Lavr Georgevich Kornilov (1870-1918), born in Kazakhstan, was a career officer in the Russian army – achieving the rank of general. Military attache in China 1907-11; he commanded an infantry division at the start of World War I, but was captured by the Austrians in April 1915. Escaping in July 1916 he was given command of the Petrograd Military District in March 1917; appointed Supreme Commander-in-Chief in July 1917.

He is most well-known for the Kornilov Affair, his failed military coup against the Provisional Government of Aleksandr Kerensky in September 1917 for which he was imprisoned. Escaping again he helped in the formation of the Volunteer Army at Novocherkassk with General Mikhail Alekseev. He was killed during fighting against the Soviet forces at the Kuban capital Ekaterinodar in April 1918 when a shell landed on his headquarters.