Gaston Doumergue

Gaston Doumergue was born in Aigues-Vives, France, on 1st August, 1863. After service as an official in Indochina and Africa (1885-93) Doumergue was elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

A member of the Radical Party, Doumergue became minister for the colonies (1902-1905). In 1910 he was elected to the Senate and was appointed prime minister in December 1913. However his government only lasted until June 1914. Doumergue then served as minister for the colonies under Rene Viviani.

Doumergue was President of the Senate in 1923 and was elected President of the Republic after Alexandre Millerand resigned in 1924. Doumergue held power until his term ended in 1931.

Doumergue was recalled to power in February 1934, and attempted to form a government of Union Nationale. This broad coalition failed to agree on constitutional reform and Doumergue resigned from office on 8th November 1934. Gaston Doumergue died in Aigues-Vives on 18th June, 1937.