Charles Mangin

Charles Mangin was born in 1866. During the early stages of the First World War he emerged as the most aggressive French general on the Western Front. His belief in offensive tactics resulted in his being given the nickname the Butcher. At Verdun in 1916 he took part in several successful counter-attacks and rose from a divisional command to the leader of the French Third Army.

Mangin was one of the few senior officers who fully supported the Nivelle Offensive in 1917. Mangin led the disastrous attack at the Battle of the Aisne. This resulted in his losing his command but he was recalled as head of the French Tenth Army in the summer of 1918. With the Germans in retreat, conditions were now more appropriate for Mangin’s aggressive tactics. Margin led the Tenth Army in the successful 2nd Battle of the Marne. Charles Mangin died in 1923.