Boris Stürmer

Boris Sturmer was born in Russia in 1848. A member of the Russian civil service, Sturmer became Governor of Yaroslavl. In February, 1916, Sturmer was surprisingly appointed by Nicholas II to replace Ivan Goremykin as prime minister.

A well-known opponent of democratic government, Sturmer was much hated by the Duma. The following month he also became Minister of the Interior and in July, 1916, replaced Sergei Sazonov at the foreign office.

In poor health, Sturmer was an incompetent minister and rumours circulated that along with Alexandra and Gregory Rasputin, was involved in negotiating a peace agreement with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Nicholas II came under considerable pressure from the Duma concerning Sturmer and in November, 1916, he was removed Sturmer from office. After the February Revolution, the Provisional Government had Sturmer arrested. Boris Sturmer died in prison on 2nd September, 1917.

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