Alexander Kolchak

Alexander Kolchak was born in 1873. He joined the Russian Navy and became a national hero during the Russo-Japanese War.

During the First World War he carried out successful operations in the Baltic and in August 1916 he was given command of the Black Sea Fleet. However, he resigned from office after the Provisional Government came to power in March, 1917.

After the Bolsheviks gained power after the November Revolution, Kolchak became War Minister in the Provisional All-Russian Government based in Omsk. In November, 1918, he overthrew the government and imposed himself as Supreme Ruler.

In March, 1919, Kolchak captured Ufa and was posing a threat to Kazan and Samara. The Red Army fought back and led by Nestor Makhno and Mikhail Frunze, they entered Omsk in November, 1919.

Kolchak fled eastwards but he was caught by the Czechs who handed him over to the Bolsheviks. Alexander Kolchak was shot by firing squad on 7th February, 1920.